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Benchmark helped me in sorting out approval for my construction project for our family home. They were very knowledgeable through the process and understood build contracts and what is involved with each stage, which helped to make life easier for us.

Understood build contracts, which helped to make life easier for us

SJ Rim

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First Home Loan
We simplify the process, remove the jargon, and give you the best opportunity to help you get on the property ladder.
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Refinancing & Restructuring
Having debt can be stressful and money situations are constantly changing. We want to make sure are secure in your strategy.
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Investment Property
Whether it’s your first investment property, or your tenth, another property purchase will involve a lot of financial jargon and lingo. Make this next step a reality for you.
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Construction Finance
Construction funding for your project can be a tricky process with banks, there are different types of contracts available, and each contract have their own policy requirements.
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Benchmark's knowledge of the industry allows you to feel that they are fighting for your best interest and make you confident they will provide you with the best possible outcome. The team are friendly, enthusiastic, passionate and understanding.

Josef Fleming

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April 17, 2024

Debt-to-income (DTI) restrictions NZ – what this means for you

In a significant development for the New Zealand property market, the Reserve Bank is set to implement new debt-to-income (DTI) restrictions on mortgage lending. Explore what DTI ratios mean, how they are calculated, and their implications for investors and first-time home buyers here:
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April 23, 2024

5 tips for self-employed first-time home buyers

Being self-employed offers numerous advantages and freedom. However, it also comes with added pressure and responsibilities if you want to get on the property ladder. If you are self-employed and looking to buy your first home, here are five essential tips to navigate the process successfully.
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