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Growing and protecting wealth through better, smarter financial advice.

We are here to remove the jargon, simplify the process.

“We assess our client’s financial position, we take a holistic approach to understand what your short- and long-term goals are. We do this by understanding where you are and where you want to be in the future.”

Manshil Krishna

Director of Benchmark Mortgages
Our Mission

Growing and protecting wealth through better, smarter financial advice.

We understand that financial decisions can be hard to make, and with so many options available, it can get overwhelming. It's invaluable to find someone you trust through this process, making it simple so you can carry on with your busy schedule!

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Meet Our Founder

Founder and Director

Manshil Krishna

Director and Senior Financial Advisor
About Manshil Krishna

13 years’ experience in the finance sector working with both New Zealand and Australian Financial Institutions

Manshil has worked for three of the big four banks in New Zealand and has experience working in retail, business, private and commercial banking divisions

Qualifications: Accredited Financial Advisor for Home Lending products. Manshil has also completed New Zealand Certificate in Financial Services for Investments and holds a Bachelor of Business Degree.

Hobbies and interest are: Spending time with Family, Hiking, Being Outdoors, Playing Footy and Travelling.

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I can say that from the outset Benchmark’s service was exemplary, responding to calls almost immediately. We felt that we “mattered” and weren’t just another number.

Haisley Paraha

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