Construction Finance

Making construction funding easier to navigate.

Construction funding for your project can be a tricky process with banks, there are different types of contracts available, and each contract has its own policy requirements. We have years of experience, helping clients design their dream homes, build multiple investment properties or build their next holiday home.

How can we help?

  1. Create a robust strategy for all types of contracts.

  2. Ensure your construction contract stays within budget

  3. Ensure payment of the Build contract is approved on time

  4. Determine a sound progressive schedule for your Land and Build contract(s)

  5. Gain access to high risk contracts like Partial contracts, allowing you to capitalise on niche opportunity.

What does the process look like?

  1. 1

    Initial appointment with advisor

  2. 2

    Getting your pre approval

  3. 3

    Starting to look for properties

  4. 4

    Working through and signing the Sale and Purchase agreement

  5. 5

    Going unconditional on the property

  6. 6

    Settlement date